Hey there, I’m Kay.

I like to figure things out. I’m a creative copycat and armchair historian. There is so much to learn, and my brain is so little! There is so much to try, and my day is so full!

In the beginning, my degree was in film and video production.  Then I got married, taught Bible and drove coffee. I hope to actually make money one day being creative or teaching Bible. God knows!

I grew up in a missionary-aviation, church-planting home. I’ve had the privilege of living in many cultures (the most challenging being the Deep South). I’ve been sewing for 25 years. God has giving me a knack for working with my hands. Sewing just makes sense!

I consider myself a “Jill of all trades,” but a master of none. I dabble in everything, but haven’t mastered anything. I envy truly creative people because I am a meager imitator. I have two opinions about everything, but am learning that many things don’t have an answer. My greatest strength is honesty and my weakness is my mouth.

I live near Seattle, WA and have three kids. My husband is wonderful. God has blessed me greatly!